How To Save America

My reply to Pastor Roger Anghis

by Ken Pealock

11/20/20223 min read

On November 20th Pastor Roger Anghis posted an article on News With Views titled "The Fate of America Lies In The Balance." Here is the link to his article:

I had to respond because many pastors are part of the problem. My reply may sound atheist or agnostic, but it is really focused on organized religions not furnishing a solution. I retain a belief in what's been called our Universal Consciousness and our connection with everything.

Hate me if you wish, but here is my reply to Pastor Anghis:

Your conclusions and "solutions" are based on several flawed assumptions. First is the belief that somehow "God" (or some underling he appoints) is going to change the government or save society from its inevitable decline. History shows all governments decline sooner or later. What is happening here is similar to what happened to the Roman Empire and God didn't save it.

Your quote from Charles Finney that "the pulpit" is responsible for everything is misplaced. In one way this is true since the pulpit misleads people into doing nothing except waiting on God to do something. However, the depravity of mankind is not something the pulpit can control, especially when the current teachers of disorganized religions can't even agree. The Bible has worthwhile advice on living within a society, but most of it is not original. The Bible is mostly a collection of myths, fables, and parables incorporated into writings made some 100 years after the death of Christ (as proven by Bart Ehrman and other dedicated scholars). Educated people know this, but the pulpit expects them to ignore their lying eyes. Christ asks you to seek the truth for yourself--not accept the teachings of the current crop of television hucksters and motley Pharisees. In fact, Christ frequently rebukes them in the Gospels for their hypocrisy. Jesus says they are like "the blind leading the blind," or like "whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness." Enough said.

Next, you make the absurd claim that "He (God or Jesus) expects you to vote for the lesser of two evils and condemns those that don't vote at all." Do you really believe your God wants us to vote Republican? Or that the narcissist Donald Trump, the RINO Mitch McConnell, or the Republicans are our saviors? Get real. They had their chance and blew it.

Sir, the U.S. Constitution is the problem. It was fraudulently imposed and inherently defective because it provided no punishment for malfeasance or maladministration of the rulers. Patrick Henry pointed this out in his famous speeches in opposition to its adoption. See my book, The Star-Spangled Deception. With all due respect, the incessant religious posts by you and other pastors do not offer solutions. Instead, you compound the problem with your misdirection that "prayer and God's guidance will be imperative for our success."

The only non-violent way to change the system is for a large number of people to refuse to cooperate with the federal government in any shape, form, or fashion. It means refusing to obey unconstitutional and immoral laws, refusing to pay taxes to finance our destruction, refusing to convict anyone in the corrupt federal courts (except government officials and their enablers), refusing to vote for the lesser of two evils, refusing to support the controlled mass media, refusing to send children to public indoctrination schools, and refusing to wait on God to change the evil in men's hearts.

Thankfully, the governors of Texas and Florida are doing their part in stopping the illegal invasion of America. Many are also refusing to enforce unconstitutional federal firearms laws. What they need to do is use their constitutional authority to issue gold and silver coins. It's the most effective way to stop the existing fiat currency theft and the planned cryptocurrency scam. Why is no one talking about this option?*

Sadly, people will continue to merely protest and vote for the lesser of two evils.

Then they will be investigated and labeled "domestic terrorists." Click here for proof.

* Update: States are starting to issue gold and silver coins. Click here.