Why Do The Heathen Rage?

The Infantile Reaction To Overturning Roe v. Wade

Ken Pealock

7/1/20222 min read

By now everyone has witnessed the violent reaction to the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade that returned abortion laws to the States.

We have seen appalling images of vandalism, burning buildings, and even the attempted murder of a policeman with a homemade flamethrower. We've also seen videos of abortionists on their backs wailing and kicking their feet in the air like spoiled infants.

All the Supreme Court did was acknowledge the federal government has no authority under the 10th Amendment over state issues. Rather than terrorize and threaten the justices we should hail them as heroes for following their constitutional duty.

As for the right to choose, except in the case of rape or domination by a male, a woman has the right to choose birth control or not. A woman can also choose to restrain her lust or not. That is the only pro-choice they are due under the law of common sense.

We know the violence has been egged on by the lying political prostitutes, presstitutes, and paid agitators. The psychology of the mob is at play, of course, as well as the willful ignorance of the protestors. But what psychology is at play for violent protests over the non-issue of a choice to use birth control or not?

The answer is fear. The politicians understand this. They use lies and exaggerations to frighten the masses for their personal benefit. On an individual level, people have many fears that control their behavior--fear of poverty, imprisonment, death, and even public speaking. As an example, many years ago when I was a practicing psychologist I met a battle-hardened Marine who shook like a leaf while speaking to an audience.

It all distills down to the fear of losing control. The abortionists fear they've lost control "of their own bodies." It is a completely irrational fear for the reasons I just mentioned.

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Christiane Amanpour has been lauded as a "great intellectual" on the world stage. So why does she claim we lost the chance to "reform" the murderous and misogynist Taliban because of the Supreme Court ruling on abortion? It's absurd. Amanpour said: "Again, I would also say that as a conclusion, American democracy and the state of American women's rights are being really looked at, not just by the rest of the West, as these meetings are happening, but by the rest of the world. You think the Taliban are going to actually say, ‘Oh, yeah, we're going to adhere to what you tell us for recognition based on what, you know, on what we do about women'?"

Still trying unsuccessfully to be relevant at age 84, Hanoi Jane Fonda tweeted out this ludicrous comment: "If a corporation can be defined as a person, why not redefine vaginas as AK47s. That way they’d be free of governmental restrictions by those who care about ‘the sanctity of life’."