The Pentagon Leak

Is the Pentagon Leaker a Public Service Hero?

Ken Pealock

4/17/20231 min read

A writer named Ben Burgis posted an article on April 14, 2023, stating that "The Pentagon Leaker Is a Public Service Hero."

I wouldn't call Teixeira a "hero" but his actions in exposing the U.S. warmongers are a positive thing. What is more important, hiding government criminal conduct or helping expose it to prevent nuclear war? Those in the U.S. government who engineered the 2014 coup to displace the duly elected leader of Ukraine with a U.S. puppet are criminals. They violated international law and every single one should be prosecuted--whether in the CIA, the Pentagon, congress, or the Presidency.

All are corrupt and rotten to the core.

They are evil conspirators in an unnecessary war that has destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of Russians and Ukrainians while enriching a notorious money launderer named Zelensky and the military-industrial complex.

I concur with Marjorie Taylor Greene that we should concentrate on the crimes of the government instead of focusing on one messenger.

I likewise concur with Col. McGregor that neither Russia nor China is our "enemy" -- rather, they are economic competitors. Ergo, Teixeira is NOT guilty of treason under the Constitution and the war in Ukraine has nothing to do with protecting democracy.

The bottom line is there is no hope for this country unless the voix populi wake up and realize their real enemies are the political scoundrels and their criminal conspirators who have hijacked the government.